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"Turbosan Inc. n In 1971, agricultural irrigation in our country, drinking water, waste water and other pump starting design and manufacturing process to meet the needs of today's parallel to technological development, ""Energy Efficient"" pump continues with the inclusion of our product portfolio.    Our experience obtained in the pump industry by integrating the pump-to-date engineering tools for the design and manufacturing process, we have moved today's successful point.    In our industry leading organizations in Turkey, ""Energy Efficiency"" in the subject to continue to lead. All our product groups as Turbosan Inc. ""Energy Saving"" We attach great importance to pump R & D activities.    1970 in the harsh conditions of the nineties, we meet the needs of our country pump. Today, however, depending on the demands of today's domestic and foreign markets, our product types, we offer different options for mechanical construction, we compete with international industrial companies with the addition of new models and our high quality.    We are expanding our product types and our investment in the new plant began in 2012 to meet increasing our total production. We develop and manufacture in our technological infrastructure, however.    Our factory; not only manufactured pump, water pump, we also design and manufacture of systems for fire and water treatment.    Turbosan Inc. TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification, CE Certificates TS 12599 and EN ISO 9905 has the Turkish Standards Compliance Certificate. Our company's quality policy ""by identifying customer needs and expectations in the best way, is to achieve the highest efficiency products and services."" can be expressed.    Your company, your organization, your facility for the needs of your building contractor or a mechanical contracting firms that have received or may receive offers from our company to bid for a work of pumps. Our firm before pump selection, solving problems related to plant commissioning, supply of spare parts and provide after-sales technical services.    Our expert and experienced technical staff, we are honored to serve you in all kinds of pumps and pump systems."


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