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"Horizons Agriculture; Since 1998, chemical fertilizers, organic manure and fertilizers under the Nutrient ORGANOMINERAL varieties, plant growth regulators, is engaged in the production and export of Excipients used in agriculture. Its products are mainly exported to Europe, the standard EC FERTILIZER including standard serves to produce the standard and quality with international standards and export. which it has trademark registration in the country within the scope of Turkey and the Madrid Protocol and which has entered its second decade, the first agronomy and AGROMIX brand continues its activities as a leading institution in the agricultural sector. Built in-house by employees and Turkan 17025 accredited horizon to the analysis of the products produced by Agricultural Laboratory, the market is still correct and safe product. Professional and organic to its customers thanks to an experienced laboratory staff, organo-mineral and chemical fertilizers to make the analysis report for registration in fast and since the time of service vermektedir.1996 years of traditional farming practices, most modern hydrofonik (soilless) manufacturer in all kinds of vegetable production process to the agricultural practices / informing the farmers have done the work, quality and efficiency of the plant has been found safe sharing of expertise for the training seminars, conferences and farmers has arranged days. Horizons Agriculture; 'Healthy People Healthy Plants First has been working with the concept. Produced by the plant food and agriculture help the soil, the water that nature, plant, and ultimately the animals that the two main food source of the raw materials to preserve the health of the people fed and prefers additives, produce healthy and safe products. Produce a product that does not leave any contribution in nature, it is useful to environmentally beneficial and live. HACCP (hazard analysis critic of control point) as Europe's food safety, such as Halal Food Standards, the most sensitive and safe food certification serves international food standards to the production of suitable plants Muslim World. crop production instrument in the world is growing rapidly. Horizons Farm founder Dr. Chemist Halim Aydin and alumni professionals from national and international universities in staff world have studied the vegetable production in the last hundred years, MAS made about pesticide program, and (chelate) the doctor has made in metal complexes with doctoral program studies have followed these developments closely and Special in Turkey It was generally produce the necessary nutrients for plant growth in world crop yields and quality and safe food. Although these varieties often have many special reasons; Organic Farming, EURO-GAP or conventional, etc. According to the Agricultural Production Process, such as cotton, industrial plants, such as sunflowers, vegetables, fruits, nuts, plant species of special products such as apricots, according to briefly plant characteristics and different food demand, branches (seedlings), TSO (flower), including honey fruit ; According to the three major vegetation period of plants, keel-irrigation, drip-irrigation, depending on the plant watering and feeding systems such as sprinkler-irrigation, acidic, basic, clay, pitched according to the nutrient status of the soil with different structures, such as sand and specific features; Greenhouse, Open Field, Hydroponics, Greenhouse etc. According to the plant's characteristics such as; amateur or professional manufacturer of all kinds including / single dose compared to the dose and the use of special profiles according to farmers, according to the special package, including multi-dose; also soil, plant growth regulators and enhanced to increase efficiency and quality, such as pH regulators and produced many kinds of products that are being developed. EC Fertilizer various brands, organic fertilizer, fertilizer ORGANOMINERAL are presented to 100% soluble liquid and powder tescillendirilip and suspension formulations and producer services. These products are classified into two main groups of users as part: 1-FOOD PLANTS FERTILIZERS (for food and industrial crops) 2-FOLIAGE PLANTS FERTILIZER (For environmental and indoor ornamental plants) Food Crops Fertilizers; food crops and small packaged or single-dose use fertilizers for large packaged products and fertilizers next county or metropolitan manufacturer of amateur hobby gardens produced for industrial plants. These products are usually big and professional farmers / producers in addition to manufacturers produce special amateur hobby gardens. special practical for large-scale producers and larger packaged more economical, packaged products are produced. Ornamental Plants Fertilizers: Fertilizers are largely environmental plants as we produced for ornamental plants. It incorporates an amateur in the productive sectors, but a large part of the professional. So as a hobby in the garden, in pots on a balcony or terrace cottage or small scale in a place, for manufacturers or users who want to grow ornamental plants, custom products are manufactured. Product liquid is tescillendiril request by the user in three physical forms including gels and solids. All products were formulated with additives useful plants are 100% water soluble and chlorine-free formulations. NPK used in fertilizer, iron, zinc, manganese, sensitive micronutrients such as copper is completely chelated and Agronom Micromixer and Agronom COMBI many micronutrients liquid and powder EC Fertilizer Products containing a combination as completely as organic chelated death 'organic farming' They are used in the operation. Horizons Tram; Plant Growth Regulators, Chemical Fertilizers (EC Fertilizer), organic manure and fertilizer types and manufacturers of all kinds with ORGANOMINERAL can meet the needs of every kind of plant. Also National / International manufacturer engaged in producing all kinds of special requests in the agricultural field to produce new and special products in assessing R & D laboratories, continues to produce. Middle East, Africa, Asia three continents efficient cultivation has experience in all weather conditions. very special plant food to meet similar goals and needs for ornamental plants are produced. This area 'Urban Agricultural Products' professional / non-manufacturers are producing all kinds of special and specific products in mind. Horizons Agricultural R & D has made in recent years and have done many projects with KOSGEB and TUBITAK P & D work has been able to produce many new inovative product development. private developers dip concentration as root ROOT-GROWER, FERRIX 6 EDDHA-Fe chelate of Agronom S250 (Yellow) new products such as sulfur pH Editor transparent to both countries, agriculture has provided to the world of agriculture. Horizons Agriculture produce quality and safe products in the international human since 2004 and exports to about 15 countries in exports in the group rose from 9 to queue. Also in 2007, by applying ornamental plants in fertilizers' Single Dose Fertilizer utility model it has received a patent has achieved a first in the industry."


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