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"Ugur Group itself, the developing world and a firm identity that can respond quickly to the difficult competitive conditions while saving, sustainable Pursuing commercial development purposes you with innovative products, quality manufacturing, continue to come your way with excellent service on expectations of increasing your production and process efficiency In addition to providing innovative business approach. This understanding of our business suppliers, extending gains to its customers - based on win principle has been instrumental in obtaining lasting friendships.   1955 business trip to the Ugur Group, to evaluate the conditions of the day the foundations of the existing 11 companies, has made starting the production of flour machine, in order to tell the factory business processes of its customers and better machines has added a small flour mill in our body, which is a kind of pilot plant. This property is also the basis for today's growing 500 tons of flour factory in the 1990s.   Over time flour machine and begins to invest in many different sectors to get out of forage production Ugur Group, machinery, flour, continued its successful performance in areas such as feed and tourism, it has laid the foundations of Ugur Construction Company in 2002 in relation with previous investments. Individuals are better places, better conditions, starting with the idea of ??establishing habitats in Çayyolu of the best districts of Ankara site has built 102 houses. Continues its construction activities in the UBA CONSTRUCTION abroad in the group, hospitals, schools, bridges, hotel, it serves residential projects. Ugur Group in 2007, Hittite industry depends on investment by adding a new Insulation and Building Materials Industry. Ve Tic. Ltd. The company has added to its structure.   The main business of flour machine continues to build more than 40 turnkey flour mills in the country at home and abroad with the production. In areas in which it operates has managed to become the leading company in the sector as soon as possible.   In 2011 Ugur Group's focus sectors that milling of our country in terms of complementarity and taking into consideration the needs of our geography, to respond to Steel Grain Storage project, Tekirdag - Çorlu Free Zone 42,000 m² of open space and 16,000 m² built on BBC Storex investment has been realized. The sector, the latest available technology and production quality, solution-oriented approach to business combines the BBC Storex, we are giving the best quality services in an integrated plant with turnkey projects, it will continue to represent the country.   Ugur Group; The machine to set up factories producing agricultural production; silos production, system automation in the construction field, growing tourism sector and developing a range of quality services to its customers continue to respond to the needs for the purpose of providing services with high-quality workforce.   Our group is one in the position of Turkey and the world in general, the quality of every step in the implementation mentality, the activities taking quality assurance certification required by the sector strengthened its position lArIndAkini. investment and the importance we attach to R & D and experienced team of skilled engineers and installation technicians, aims hundred percent customer satisfaction with our investment and work.   Ugur Group, to improve the quality of production; the production line, located just Ugur Machine production facilities in Turkey, Turkey's Largest Laser Cutting has included the Line.   Both the world, as well as dedication in challenging trading conditions where Ugur Group in Turkey, to see into the future and replace it with the belief that it is difficult to achieve further strengthened through new investments.   To this end, in 2015 and scheduled to be completed in two phases in 2016, by signing one of the largest investments in the world in the sector, with 130,000 square meters area in 72,000 m² production-assembly-storage including -SPARE part-service and engineering units will be moved to production facilities. Lean business insights into the most appropriate, highest quality, Ugur Group aims to provide the fastest service, it reinforces its leading position in the sector with a new facility, proud of the employees of the gain on this investment with customers to increase the confidence of such a facility in the country and the region, and you share with solution partners.               Ugur Group the best in everything he did with the principle of contributing to permanently Turkish Economy, target, a pioneer in the field, as technology meaning will continue to serve you with the leading company proved its strength in terms of both financial.   Pioneering and innovative steps to build the Group of luck we will continue together.   Okculu Barlik"


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