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Wheel rims humanity's earliest known invention of the wheel today, "wheeled vehicles" has an indispensable place in human life. wheels that facilitate human life and equipment is growing rapidly, according to the technology. Agricultural capital of Turkey, founded in Konya HOPE RIM, manufacturer with over 30 years of R & D efforts and are proud to serve our farmers. Hope Wheels; thin rim of a new generation of pneumatic drills, load heavy işmakinaları wheels and optional wheels of private vehicles are also produced. Every day, according to the latest innovations in farm machinery and manufacturers request, increases the hope wheel manufacturing variability. Hope Wheel, 8 "- 44" in diameters ranging up to the rim and broad-based tubless 400 "- 60" - 15.5 "to the extent that its production for the new generation tires. Presently, managed by the founding family's second generation of RIM HOPE, the organization continues its production without losing its enthusiasm.


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