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"Technology and the address to which the invention Trust √úNSAL AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO LTD Our company has been operating since 1992, is in the production of agricultural equipment sector. selection of appropriate drugs and equipment in a timely manner and circumstances in order to get a good performance from our fields and our garden is required. Our company works following innovations to provide you with the appropriate equipment. Currently we are manufacturing our production machines from 300 liters to 1000 liters. Our R & D activities with the aim to increase our manufacturing continues cultivar. Our all relevant documents with the aim to market our country abroad in all the machines we have manufactured and tested in our report are available. We rely on our manufacturing and sales of all our products, we accept your satisfaction and all kinds of complaints as a gift. Customer satisfaction and friendly service concept in the industry, our company continues to manufacture, are you also indicate that we are in the desire to see among our clients,"


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