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"With a planned our sprayers we developed, you can remove the most efficient harvest by protecting your product from harmful, since 1970 we especially I am convinced that observed by you that I serve this purpose as ├ľNALAN HAS. For this purpose, since the second half of 2012. In a very short period of time within by building our Konya Organized that we have acquired in the industrial zone of 5,000 square meters modern fabrikabina on a plot of world class and every day more and more developing valuable our farmers the most economic way of capacity addition of maintenance and ease of use 100 lt starts with reaching up to 2000 liters hung, drawn and manufacture the turbo sprayers. Since 1990 a modern production and farmer-friendly addition to our motto carded I will continue to offer unique and high quality products to all mankind with the ├ľNALAN HAS unter brand."


Üntar  Tarim, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Hasan Önal

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Üntar Tarim

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