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"Founded in 1986 by Ibrahim Toplar VERIM CABIN today in Turkey tractors, forklifts and construction machinery is one of the leading manufacturer of cabin safety and comfort. With the investments it makes, it grows its business volume day by day and aims to continuously improve what it has earned and into production. As of 2013, it continues its production with 8000 m2 closed and 20.000 m2 area in the Organized Industrial Zone with the latest technological CNC machines within the framework of quality policy. In every stage of production, the company guarantees the quality with the help of process controls and it can guarantee the stainlessiness by adding the cataphoresis coating technology before the powder coating. The company, which makes the safety cabin suitable for all tractor types and models, is able to make economical and flexible production in line with the needs of Turkish farmers with its trained R & D engineers."


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