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"Vet-Hek drug in 1993, founded with 100% domestic capital in Bursa by veterinarians and veterinary drug production and import in a Turkish firmasıdır.ülke and our medicines needed by veterinarians most modern media operating in the area, Veterinarian the highest quality produce with the highest technology physicians offers and the use of animal breeders. To clients meet our needs and expectations without compromising on quality, continuous improvement and working with a team spirit aiming to achieve, developing technologies in parallel with Turkey Veterinary Pharmaceutical Market, which offers high quality and price competitive products in world standards to detect and correct with the needs of our country, the best and newest we are continuing our efforts to offer. Production stage of quality control services by our expert sales staff in the process until, if our analysis and synthesis of Uludag University Faculty of Arts and Sciences is maintained by the Department. the first year of Turkey in the ointment with known drug of Vet-Hek organization has gained a respectable place in the market, and the continued success proved the difference in the market continued its injectable products. Injectable scalar product, oral solutions and powders, tablets, ointments, creams, bee products, pet products, including birds and products are 33 licensed product."


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Vet-Hek Ilaç

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