"Water uses and water scarcity, from science to art, technology in all areas until the economy shows itself. Indispensable of human life, the need for water. But sometimes, we forget that; water has a limited source. Indeed, to hazard, their lives began to ring. However, late for a solution, not the individual as well as protection of water resources as a nationalwater-saving methods can contribute to this protection. That's why experts at the job, working with high-tech WESOORB found. In all areas of agriculture, in fruit, vegetable productuin, green houses, under cover and using applications, irrigation, labor, energy and fertilizer costs, saving the user WESOORB arose, since we are on our country and the gratification of presenting to the world. Water-retaining soil conditioner with local raw materials, this product Ecotech Agricultural Environment Industry and Trade Company Limited under the brand promotion and marketing of plants are produced and WESOORB. For this reason, we call USE WESOORB FOR SAVE THE WATER."


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