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"Yalova Water nursery production in 2005 in a small business, they on the land of its own safranyol the baglarbasi mah.karatep mosque started its first production on the field behind ├Ârnekev street 2500 square then buying him again of 1500 square meters and around 5 enlarge its production by renting plots, production plots 20 Remove acres and has 3,000 square meters has been set up in the same place greenhouses. then yalova zuhalkent site of artillery against Stone Bridge then this place over 2500 square meters of land to set up sales before at yalova 14 acres Unplug and established it in 2000 square meters of greenhouses. www.yalovasufidan.co my WEP founding the site has set up agreeing e-commerce sites with speed cargo to clarify effortless than flowers with you, and 2,500 square meters showroom establishing Kocaeli nurseries in Izmit has opened production site of 3500 square meters, bademlisi as partners paid Izmir 35000 square meters of planting 2014 year began at the latest with flower seedlings center and the heart of the turkey in the year 2013 152.000 square meters TIGEM land 30 + 30 years to the lessor in yalova garden Inc. by purchasing 2175000/25000 share rented 10,000 square meters and most modern seedling production and outlets established 44 companies were entitled to get between, edit this place is still going www.yalovasufidan.co I planted a tree to get our respect"


Yalova  Su  Fidancilik, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Ibrahim Altunbas

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Yalova Su Fidancilik

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