Yıkılmaz Makina

"Our company was established on 11 November 2009 in Denizli. Our first aim is to share our knowledge and experience about Private Health Services with individuals and institutions and to bring the first initiatives in the field to the attention of the public. Our General Manager Dr. Faruk YIKILMAZ and his team have made significant progress in this regard. Our company has started our branch in Ankara as of January 06, 2010 and Machine Equipment Sales and Rental has made significant progress in the field. We are looking forward to the future with our expert staff in the field of Cranes, Telescopic Forklifts, In-Ware Stackers, especially Personnel Lifts. As of April 2010, as a result of the cooperation it has established with CG Group and Istanbul region, it has started consultancy and fleet leasing activities in all Marmara region. The mining sector is advancing rapidly in quarries, overseas countries and other different locations."


Yıkılmaz Makina, Companies in Turkey

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Yıkılmaz Makina

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