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"SENSARI Abu Bakr was born in 1934 in Izmir. Collected the completed primary school in Izmir thrown into the business world with their request, he met with lathes. Thoroughness, diligence and the work that has been started as a result of 16 years work and honesty apprentice in profit partner. demand in the coming days and skills to evaluate SENSARI active career in 1956 in Izmir / Esrefpasa / opening butter production until the trade first shop of life namideg the turner Yellow Bakr sought around with the title and became a beloved master. 1959 has intensified its work on agriculture, shop Soke eat by moving water turbine manufacturing to baslamistir.vatandas wishes and demands, has developed rapidly in manufacturing by setting according to the requirements of the day time, quality has become a firm he heard and integrate markets and confidence of our farmers. * The US government has made to Turkey coming to our country with the help of tractors Marshall - result in a positive impact on our citizens that have made our country the domestic product of agricultural machinery agricultural machinery sector has occurred. developing skills and knowledge in this area of ??disc harrows and other instruments and starting the production of the sector has been among the founders of the doyen machine.    * A son and two daughters marrying Mr. Yurdusar SENSARI in May 1961, Abu Bakr SENSARI factory and manufactured the machine to his beloved wife who's name by the YURDUSAR name has enabled it to become a global brand with its exports to Turkey and have done.  * In 1973, Izmir / Esrefpasa district Yurdusar operating in Agricultural Equipment Winery - Abubakr SENSARI company in our country Yurdusar in 1976 to develop in a short time made to the where agricultural tools and the industry to win the trust of quality and our trust farmers in machines Agricultural Machinery Industry tic. Today's address by taking the title Co. Izmir / Menderes only began its activities in the factory.  * 30 years experience starting with a small workshop, the value given to our farmers, honesty and quality in partnership with his son MUHITTIN SENSARI in 1996, continued on his way as a much stronger company.  * Marketing, YURDUSAR GROUP OF COMPANIES operating in molding and manufacturing sectors; sons Muhittin SENSARI the administration has succeeded in the task of moving forward commercial ethics and integrity rules inherited from yesterday. * But in the last month of 2011. As a result of the death Muhittin SENSARI two sons EBUBEKIR BERTAN SENSARI and TOLGA SENSARI he bought from his grandfather and father the burden of 3 young move the task to the best place in generations, are experienced innovative ideas and the best in business ethics framework they received in the past "


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