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"Our company was established in 1980. The main activity of agricultural machinery, garden tools, import, export and manufacturing. The parts of these machines, besides the fulfillment of the supply and after-sales service. OUR PRODUCTS FIELD TURF MAINTENANCE MACHINERY  Lawn Mowers, Lawn Mower Tractors, on the overlay or towed type cylinder type knife Lawnmowers, Lawn Die Cutting Machines, Grass Surface Aeration (Vertikat), Grass Roots Ventilation (Aerator) machines, lawn rollers, seed-fertilizer and Sand Spreaders Upper seeding machines (the Overseed), grass-leaf collection machines, and Green grass Cutting Edge Hedgecutters. AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY The tractor moving Hanging binder from the shaft Machines, Motor Mower and binder machines, motor hoe and hand Tractors, Articulated and Rigid Type Bag-Garden Tractors, Farm Tractors, Corn Silage Machine, Motor saws and trimmers, grass and handle Baler, Snow Plowing & Sprayers, Olive Harvest machinery, Dal Crushing and grinding machines, spraying machines, sensory Anchor and Grass Mowers, Disc, Dual Blade, Zipkal and Sartlandiricil in / squeeze Mower. OTHER PRODUCTS Generators, water pumps, spraying pumps, Irrigation Equipment, Hoses, Waterways and Highways Roadside Grass Mowing Machines"


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