Higro Amin L Compost

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Higro Amin L amine-1-2SIVI HERBAL AMINO ACID Guaranteed content% (w / w) Total Organic Matter 24% Organic Carbon 10% Organic Nitrogen 1.5% Free Amino acids 9% pH Arahg1 (2,6 - 4,6) Packing: 1Plastic bottle / 20pcs / 1 carton master carton 3LPlastic bottle / 6pcs / 1 carton master carton Density: 1.10 gr / cm3 Application: From root to leaf HOW IS THE MAXIMUM BENEFIT PROVIDED WITH USAGE? The amino acids, which are the building blocks of the cells, have an important place in the plant physiology for the transmission of intercellular nutrients. In addition, amino acids have a very important place for the cells to survive under all negative growing conditions. HIGRO®AMIN kaliteli L is a high quality protein source that is obtained by taking into account the ratio of the amino acid, the building block of the plants, to the plants and accelerating the plant in all kinds of adverse conditions. For this purpose, HIGRO®AMIN-L has been developed as an ideal solution. It is seen that plants, which are supplemented with HIGRO®AMIN dışarı L from the outside using one of the LEAF or IRRIGATION systems (drip, sprinkler, sislemev.), Are more vivid and healthy from the root to the top end. It increases the intake and speed of the fertilizers. It does not leave any residues and stains. There is no residual problem in the applications before the harvest. Waiting time is 0 (zero) days. Where bumblebees are used for pollination purposes (greenhouse cultivation & fruit growing), no negativity on bees from HIGRO®AMIN mey L applications is experienced. MISCIBILITY Mix with all kinds of pesticides and fertilizers. Our WARNING: The above mentioned values ​​are recommended. Appropriate doses may be determined by those with technical knowledge on this subject according to the results of agricultural analysis. Do not exceed the recommended amount of application.

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Higro Amin L Compost in Turkey

Higro Amin L Compost

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