Orvin K+ Pure Compost

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GUARANTEED CONTENT % (W / W) Water soluble (K (O) 25 Total Organic Matter 5 Maximum Humidity 20 pH 3-5 Packaging Types 25 kg sack USAGE NOTES: • Use a high proportion of fertilizer if you are going to get more efficiency than usual. • 2-3 times the upper limit of the fertilization application should be used in the places where the yield is high. • Applications may vary depending on soil assays. WHY ORVIN PURE? 1.ORVIN PURE is all of plant origin and contains potassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, trace elements and amino acids. 2. The high sulfur content of the plants affects the pH of the plants around the root and facilitates the intake of other elements in the soil. 3. Due to the high potassium content, it meets a significant part of the potassium requirement from planting to the skin. 4. It is 100% organic, improves the soil structure, increases the water holding capacity, provides the airing of the soil. It gives the plants a comfortable rooting in the loose structure. 5. It does not have negative effects such as burning and salinity in chemical fertilizers. On the contrary, it has a positive effect in reducing soil salinity. 6.ORVIN Increases the market value of the product by increasing the color, taste, quality and yield of the plants due to its content and organic structure. 7.ORVIN PURE regulates soil structure and texture. It does not pollute the environment with its organic structure. It contributes to natural life. Thanks to the amino acids in the content of 8.ORVIN PURE, it provides protection against stress caused by adverse environmental conditions in plants. 9. Easily removable Potassium prevents water stress by providing water balance in plants. It strengthens plant tissue and fiber structure and increases resistance to diseases and pests. Extends shelf life after skin. 10. It provides a balanced nutrition by facilitating the intake and use of other fertilizers (N, P, Trace Elements) given to the plant. It provides economic benefits by reducing the rate of use of other fertilizers. TECHNICIAL SPECIFICATIONS 1. 100% Organic It is a food store of herbal origin. 2.Granul structure because of the application provides convenience. 3.Damlama irrigation can be given by spring systems and it can be given in every period. 4. Since it is 100% organic there is no filler in it. Therefore, plants can benefit from the whole given ORVIN PURE.

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Orvin K+ Pure Compost in Turkey

Orvin K+ Pure Compost

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