Plant Micro Nutrient Mixture

  1. Plant Micro Nutrient Mixture in Turkey

PLANT MICRO NUTRIENT MIXTURE Guaranteed Content (w/w) Water-Soluble Boron . (B) 1,5 % Water-Soluble Molybdenum . (Mo) 0.05 % Water-Soluble Zinc . (Zn) 6 % Water-Soluble Copper . (Cu) 1 % Water-Soluble Iron . (Fe) 5 % Water-Soluble Manganese (Mn) . 4 % USAGE AREA, FORM, TIME AND QUANTITY If the deficiency is expected to be missing or is at a low level 400- 600 gr / ha or 1000 lt. water If deficieny is clearly visible: 800 – 1000 gr/ha or 1000 lt. water. Drip irrigation 1000 lt. Irrigation water 100-150 gr. Action DF Mix 15-20 days. For the best results please apply during active growth period of plants. In hot weather conditions, please spray it in early morning or in cooler time of evening. Applying in day time may not be very effective with high moisture and evaporation reasons. Action DF Mix can be applied at the time of flowering.

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Plant Micro Nutrient Mixture in Turkey

Plant Micro Nutrient Mixture

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