DAP (Diammonium )

  1. DAP (Diammonium ) in Turkey

DAP (18.46.0) Fertilizer Product Content 18% Nitrogen (N) 18% Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-N) 46% Phosphorus (P2O5) It contains 18% nitrogen (N) and 46% phosphorus (P2O5) in its composition. Since most of the phosphorus in its content is soluble in water and is in the form of ammonium in nitrogen, phosphorus and nitrogen are ready for use as soon as suitable conditions (temperature, humidity) are formed. In addition, in case of precipitation and irrigation more than necessary, nitrogen loss does not occur because nitrogen is in ammonium form. Although DAP fertilizer is a type of compound fertilizer, it should be used like phosphorus fertilizer. As a result of excessive phosphorus application, phosphorus accumulation will occur in the soil and this accumulation causes zinc deficiency. Therefore, balanced fertilization should be done. Another important point in using DAP is that the application time is correct. The premature application will cause the phosphorus to become useless by merging with the lime in the soil, while the late application will not benefit the plant because the phosphorus will remain on the soil surface. DAP is a suitable fertilizer for cereals and is preferred extensively in Central Anatolia. In addition, phosphorus deficiency is felt intensively in many crops can be applied successfully. It should be applied with seed drill to the seed depth and belt on cereal sowing. In addition, it will be appropriate to apply it to seed depth in fruit trees in February and March and in spring plants just before planting.

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DAP (Diammonium ) in Turkey

DAP (Diammonium )

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