LAKTO Optimus Ventilating and Cooling Fan

  1. LAKTO Optimus Ventilating and Cooling Fan in Turkey

It is completely hot dip galvanized. On the application area, it can be installed to the roof trusses with chain, easily. Polluted air is removed through the air corridor created inside the barn or in the milking parlor waiting area. High capacity can be reached by low power consumption and low rpm. This low rpm (340 rpm) also decreases fan blade noise. It is located with intervals of 12-16 meters when min air speed is 3 meters/sec. Motor : 0,55 kW 3×380 Volt Motor Current : 1 Amper Propeller Diameter : 1060 mm Capacity : 31.500 m³/hour Air Speed : 10,7 m/seconds Average Air Speed On 12 meter : 3 m/s Average Air Speed On 16 meter : 2.8 m/s

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  • Authorized Person: Cem Sahinoglu
  • Product Code: CoolingFan-002

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LAKTO Optimus Ventilating and Cooling Fan in Turkey

LAKTO Optimus Ventilating and Cooling Fan

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