Corn Silage Machine

  1. Corn Silage Machine  in Turkey
  2. Corn Silage Machine  in Turkey

Corn Silage Machine Türkay Egyptian Slaj Machine is an economical machine that works by taking its movement directly from the tractor tail shaft, with low power and fuel consumption and working without any problems for a long time. Made of special steel material with high hardness, high-quality cuts with high-speed cutting discs with automatic sharpening unit and reversible and adjustable shredding plate ensure high quality even at the highest operating speed. Particularly, the shredding plate can be inserted into the cutting mechanism for complete breaking of the dry corn grains. The silage length is determined with the help of a shredding plate which can be adjusted by means of a bolt. Thanks to the powerful fan and the blower blades on the fan, it blows the small disassembled material from the discharge shaft to the transport trailer. The discharge chimney can be steered by the remote control without the user being tired. Optionally, the chimney can be extended. Thanks to its collapsible flue, it can easily pass even from the lowest places. The machine elements are protected against overload by means of a safety device which cuts pins. While calculating the hourly productivity of the machine, the feed rate was determined as 7-9 km / h, which was accepted as the optimum value for silage harvesting, and the crop yield from the decare was estimated to be 8-10 tons / da. Many factors such as field conditions, number of plants in the decay will change the average values ​​taken for machine yield and silage corn product yield and it is considered that the calculated work yield (capacity) may be variable.

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Corn Silage Machine  in Turkey

Corn Silage Machine

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