Dairy Management Systems

  1. Dairy Management Systems in Turkey
  2. Dairy Management Systems in Turkey
  3. Dairy Management Systems in Turkey

HERD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM There are very important methods to increase the milk yield of your cows. Yes, you are an experienced farmer, what about your employees? If you need to control every stage in your farm, you must automate all processes. You must identify your cows and follow them with electronic identification labels. You should be able to see the daily milk data of each animal. In this way, you can go to investigate the problem in sudden milk drops. Maybe your shepherd hurried and took it out before the milking ended, maybe there is another disease in the animal. But first you should catch this problem. For this purpose, you should have a look at milk tracking panels. You are using medication with the advice of veterinarians. However, due to the side effects of the drugs, milk must be separated in my milk. By specifying how many days milk will be separated, you can have the system automatically alert the shepherd until the desired date. For this you need strong software. This software may neither be too simple to be useful nor too complex to be used. You should examine our software system specially prepared for the Anatolian farmer. In order to catch regular herd growth, you must catch the anger in time. For this, you should definitely examine the mobility tracking called pedometer. Your biggest cost is feed expenses. If you cannot ensure that each animal feeds the right amount according to the yield, you should check the Automatic Feeding Machine. With the cost of only 18 months, feeding the systems will no longer be a problem for you. You can examine the feed consumption for each animal AUTOMATIC HEAD REMOVAL SYSTEM This system allows animals with milking clusters to be removed automatically when their milk runs out. It must be installed in systems that are 2x10 and larger and where the milking personnel are few / insufficient. The mechanism of operation of the system is based on the detection of milk provided by sensors. After the milk is completely finished, it is waited for the reference time and the extractor roller is vacuumed and the heads are drawn. When the system is installed, massage function can be activated if desired through pulsators. It is expected to take milk by first massaging the animal whose milk is running low or decreasing. With Modern Herd Management Software ... With herd management software, you can reach your farm over the Internet and even control everything with your mobile phone, while keeping track of the whole process. You can use the system on multiple computers without the need for a reinstallation. You can access the system not only from your office in your farm, but from any point where there is an internet connection. Your data is backed up regularly with secure server systems. You can examine milk data individually and collectively with detailed yield charts. You can easily follow the breeding, insemination and anger processes. You can examine birth, disease and examination information retrospectively. You can see reminders for daily work in a single list. You can receive daily alerts on your mobile phone as SMS. ANGRY TRACKING SYSTEM With the powerful software system on the back, it is 100% guaranteed to catch the anger! Mobility is the most important parameter in anger follow-up. Do not worry about catching anger in the system prepared by considering the daily mobility of the flock and the seasonal mobility balances of the animal. If you wish, any of your animals will be notified by SMS as soon as they show anger.

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Dairy Management Systems in Turkey

Dairy Management Systems

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