Disc Mower Conditioner

  1. Disc Mower Conditioner in Turkey
  2. Disc Mower Conditioner in Turkey
  3. Disc Mower Conditioner in Turkey

WORKING WIDTH2 M - 2.45 M NUMBER OF DISC5 - 6 NUMBER OF KNIFES10 - 12 SWATH WIDTH0.6-1.5 M - 0.8-1.7 M MOWING HEIGHT3-8 - 3-8 CONDITIONER TYPEZik Zak Desenli Kau├žuk Merdane MIN POWER REQUIRMENT65 Hp - 65 Hp LENGTH1.23 M - 1.23 M WIDHT(TRANSPORT POSITION)1.63 M -1.7 M HEIGHT(TRANPORT POSITION)2.54 M - 2.95 M HEIGHT(WORKING POSITION)1 M - 1 M WEIGHT650 Kg - 650 Kg PTO SPEED540 Rpm- 540 Rpm EASY TO TRANSPORT:Cutting head gets 90 degree vertical position and stay right next to tractor during the transport.So that this feature allows confortable and safe transportation in narrow roads,bridges. CUTTING DISCS:The knifes which are situated on the discs in the disc mowing system provide chopping the corp from the optimal height.Crop density does not effect the mowing guality and smoothness. CONDITIONER:Zigzag patterned rubber rollers are used in conditioner system.These rubber rollers provide notch effect the fodder so crop and the leaf dry at the same time.For this reason animals can be fed with high value of nutrition. SUSPENSION SYSTEMS:Suspension systems provide mowing head to behave according to terrain conditions and also accurate adaptations of the ground. SAFETY SYSTEM:Machines are equiped with safety system to prevent disc and gearbox damages by foreign material (stone,rock etc.)in farm while moving direction.

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Disc Mower Conditioner in Turkey

Disc Mower Conditioner

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