Anka-Bg Huma Independent Goble Discharrow

  1. Anka-Bg Huma Independent Goble Discharrow in Turkey

ANKA-BG HUMA INDEPENDENT GOBLE DISCHARROW It allows the soil to regenerate the biological balance by mixing the residues of the plant well and making it useful for the plant more quickly by mixing it. Stubble processing, ready to be prepared for seed bed preparation there are effective and extensive use in soil processing options. Reduces product costs by breaking and combined design. According to the soil conditions, 15 km / h when used according to the tillage quality is captured. Business and low fuel consumption and low cost. One of them with 530 mm diameter attached to the chassis with self-mounted bearings, rubber roller springs. The disintegration of soil and plant residues ensures that it is mixed into the soil and that it is effective and high performance. The latest soils are the ideal machine for the minimally tillage options. A good piece of digestion of plant residues without overturning the soil and a faster way to make the plant useful to the plant, setting the biological balance of the soil can be activated with this machine. These differences at the end of the next production period.

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Anka-Bg Huma Independent Goble Discharrow in Turkey

Anka-Bg Huma Independent Goble Discharrow

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