Trailed Type Discharrow

  1. Trailed Type Discharrow in Turkey
  2. Trailed Type Discharrow in Turkey

Light type Wide Offset Disc Harrows are trailed type on two wheel. It can be easily transported to field. Trailed type wide offset disc harrow moved by hydraulic system for transport and deepth adjustment. Light type Wide Trailed off set disc harrow with hydraulic lifting system is used for breaking clods and mixing soils to make seed bed. Also it can be used for chopping of weeds and stems, breaking of plant stubbles (such as sunflower, maize, cotton, wheat and etc.) mixing with soil after harvesting and it help to obtaine a kind of organic fertilizer. This kind of disc harrow can work very easily in wet soils and according to the soil conditions it can be used instead of plough. Battery angle can be arranged till 20-22 degree.

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  • Authorized Person: Ahmet Kesek
  • Product Code: Discharrow-005

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Trailed Type Discharrow in Turkey

Trailed Type Discharrow

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