Disc Ploughs TY-DPP

  1. Disc Ploughs TY-DPP in Turkey

The ABOLLO DISC PLOUGH is a first class soil cultivation machine with the characteristics of sinking to the ground via discs, cutting the soil and transferring the soil with the help of peripheral diameters. It can comfortably work on Rocky, stony fields and areas covered with vegetable roots. Plows we produce are made of solid construction and quality materials. It is long-lasting. Discs are manufactured from 5630 quality steel sheet material. The three-point suspension system is manufactured according to international standards, so it could be mounted any kind of trailers. The discs of our plows form an angle both parallel to the direction of movement (directional angle) and relative to the surface of the ground (angle of view). There is a balancing wheel (Rotating wheel) with coil spring system in the last body of the pulley. Manufacture in terms of construction is standard.

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

  • Authorized Person: PERVİN KASIMOĞLU
  • Product Code: DiscPlough-002

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Disc Ploughs TY-DPP in Turkey

Disc Ploughs TY-DPP

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