Double Disc Hydraulic Horizontal Mixer

  1. Double Disc Hydraulic Horizontal Mixer in Turkey

It is connected to the tractor with the three-point suspension system of double-disc fertilizer spreaders manufactured as a hanging (hydraulic) type. Spreaders can be manufactured with hydraulic control. Thanks to the hydraulic control lever, manure throwing is very easy from the tractor cabin at the border, and unnecessary consumption of manure is prevented by closing it in series. Thanks to the low speed horizontal mixer in the fertilizer tank, homogeneous fluidity is ensured without being damaged and damaged. Fertilizer spreading work width of the machine can reach 18-36m, but depending on the type of fertilizer, these settings should be made by changing the angle and wing length on the disc. In this way, fertilizer; more homogeneous distribution and smoothness is provided to the field. The tank capacity is three types: 1000-1200-1500 lt.

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Double Disc Hydraulic Horizontal Mixer in Turkey

Double Disc Hydraulic Horizontal Mixer

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