Double Rotary Rakes

  1. Double Rotary Rakes in Turkey
  2. Double Rotary Rakes in Turkey
  3. Double Rotary Rakes in Turkey

WORKING WIDTH6,75-7,45 M NUMBER OF ROTORIES2 COLLECTION TYPECentral Collection NUMBERS OF COLLECTING ARM ON ROTORS11 NUMBERS OF SPRING ON COLLECTING ARM4 BASIC SIZES OF RUBBER WHEEL340/55-8 ROTOR RUBBER WHEEL DIMENSION16x6,5-8 HEIGHT(TRANPORT POSITION)3.2 M WIDHT(TRANSPORT POSITION)3 M LENGHT(TRANSPORT POSITION)5.6 M WEIGHT2050 Kg PTO SPEED540 Rpm SWATH WIDTH135-200 Cm MIN POWER REQUIRMENT65-75 Hp ADJUSTABLE OPTIMAL WORKING WIDTH:Collectıng width can be adjusted by hydraulic systes as automatically. EXCELLENT ADAPTATION TO TERRAINS:The wheels under the rotories provide perfect adaptations and excellent collection in even short ,heavy and wet grass in uneven and slope terrain conditions. EASY TO TRANSPORT:The wings automatically come to an upright position thanks to hydraulic system so it exhibits smooth transportation .It is suitable for bridges standards due to the height which is less than 4 meter in vertical position.Collecting arms of rake has the feature of assembling and disassembling. EASY DISASSEMBLING OF ROTOR ARM:Just undo three bolts to disasseble rotor arm and rotor casing easy and guick.So that rotor and rotor arm maintenance can be effortless. HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT OF ROTOR:Depending on crop and terrain, rotor height can adjust easy and comfy as well.

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Double Rotary Rakes in Turkey

Double Rotary Rakes

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