Waste Water Centrifugal Pump

  1. Waste Water Centrifugal Pump in Turkey
  2. Waste Water Centrifugal Pump in Turkey
  3. Waste Water Centrifugal Pump in Turkey

Design and Technical Specifications • Used to dispense liquids, viscous liquids and waste water of solid-liquid mixture such as muddy water and sewage liquid • In order to print sandy, muddy waters, various types of wheels are manufactured. However, precautions must be taken against erosion in dense sandy waters. This measure is provided by crushers • The rotor and pump are on a single mile. The rotor is centered on two heavy duty bearings. • Easy easy maintenance is required and long life • Easy to set up • Pump axial force is compensated by balancing wings. Designed for severe conditions. • Mechanical seal is used for wastewater pumping • Tested in accordance with TS EN ISO 9906 Standards. • IP 68 protection class. Usage places • Emptying flood waters in the basement • Pumping of domestic waste water • Underground drainage • When the swimming pool and excavation water are emptied • Emptying the drainage well • Emptying tank and reservoir Technical information • Flow rate: up to 1600 m³ / h'a • Pressure: 95 m • Speed: up to 2900 rpm - (60Hz)* • Fluid Temperature: Up to 40 ° C • Body Pressure (Pmax): 10 bar (16 bar) *

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  • Authorized Person: Muzaffer Ferahkaya
  • Product Code: DPT Series

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Waste Water Centrifugal Pump in Turkey

Waste Water Centrifugal Pump

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