Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line

  1. Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line in Turkey
  2. Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line in Turkey
  3. Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line in Turkey

The creation of highest level technology and experience Damla Plast Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Line can produce flat irrigation pipes which is the new shining star af irrigation systems in a safe and fast way while all operations are under control. There are special systems in the machine that allows you to make production of different diameter and net thickness and this system will provide the best diffusion between pipes and drippers,will check the accuracy of drilled holes and will detect errors on the product such as rupture. Damla Plast, as usual, did not compromise the quality for this machine,established the principles such as high efficiency, easy to use,fast service, spare parts supply from stock and has offered these to our esteemed customer. Throughout the project,for our esteemed customers working with us,solutions are created for preliminary examination,installation and commissioning,training,staff support,mold and other necessary equipments.

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Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line in Turkey

Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line

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