Driptech - Laser Drip

  1. Driptech - Laser Drip in India

Driptech - Laser Drip 1.Laser Drip is dripper less technology, where hole is made with laser precision to have uniform flow. 2. Zero chances of clogging. 3.Zero Maintenance cost. 4.Cost effective solution for Farmers, considering cost of traditional driplines. 5.Operate on low pressure of 0.1Bar pressure, so required small pump to run system. 6.UV treated driplines made up of Virgin plastic material.

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  • Authorized Person: Prafull Darekar
  • Product Code: Driptech - Laser Drip (Dripper less Technology)

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Driptech - Laser Drip in India

Driptech - Laser Drip

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