Ega Sintuz 1

  1. Ega Sintuz 1 in Turkey
  2. Ega Sintuz 1 in Turkey
  3. Ega Sintuz 1 in Turkey

WHAT IS EGA SİNTUZ? EGA SİNTUZ is the only product that does not contain any chemicals and can not be used in the dying. A trap is effective in an area having a radius of 50 to 100 m Bir. Surrounding black flies; It absorbs the special formulation in it by absorbing the odor with water and attracting it. In this way, it blocks flies and their reproduction. If you want to solve the problem of landfill in your business, the product you prefer is EGA SİNTUZ ek. PROPERTIES • Does not contain any chemical substance. • 100% Natural. • Environment Friendly. • Practical and economical. • Reproduces Reproduction And Population Fully. • Filled (max 6 - 8 Weeks, 50 - 75 Thousand Black Fly)    Works Effective Until. • Does not require energy and mechanical power to operate. • Disposal - Continuous. usage areas • FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITIES • INTEGRATED PLANTS • CUTTERS • CHICKEN FISH • DAIRY Cattle and Fattening Operations • FEED FACTORY • TREATMENT PLANTS • NON-CITY DISPOSAL AREAS • LEATHER AND INDUSTRIAL PLANTS • HOTEL AND RESTAURANTS • PICNIC AND RESTING AREAS • HOME, SUMMER, GARDEN AREAS ALL EXTERNAL AREAS IN THE ... OPERATING PRINCIPLES EGA SİNTUZ contains no chemicals and insecticides. The dust ration put into the trap is completely natural and the mixture attracts flies. Blackworms die inside the trap and die because of not being able to get out. 1- INSTALLATION COMPLETED EGA SINGLE; PROTECT 10 - 15 METERS FROM THE REGION YOU WANT TO PROTECT TO THE PLACES THAT MAY BE THE SOURCE OF MASSACENT ACTIVITY. 2- INSTALLATION COMPLETED EGA SINGLE; 1.5 - 2 mt. AS A HIGH PLACE TO A LOWER PLACE, WHERE YOU HAVE THE GREEN PARTS.  • SALT; HOPPER (NYLON BAG - BUCKET) WORKED EFFECTIVELY WITH THE MASSAGE (MAXIMUM 6-8 WEEKS). FROM THE HOTS THERE WILL BE EVENING AND REDUCING IN THE WATER IN THE TRAP; THE WATER IN THE TRAP MUST BE FILLED UPON THE LOWER WATER LEVEL. WARNING: 1- After use, the bag filled with black flies should be taken out of the clamp, thrown tightly with another bag and disposed of in the waste containers which are out of reach of children and pets. 2- After the use of black flies that are filled in the BAG into a bag and closed tightly, they must be disposed of in waste containers that are not accessible to children and pets.

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Ega Sintuz 1 in Turkey

Ega Sintuz 1

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