Electric Olive Shaking Machine

  1. Electric Olive Shaking Machine in Turkey

HIGH QUALITY The engine of Olivtech 800 is manufactured from quality components, from windings to paint. QUIET WORK Olivtech 800's engine is 2 times quieter than conventional engines. NO MAINTENANCE REQUIRED Unlike thermal motors, they do not require maintenance. It works smoothly at high temperatures with specially designed NdFeB magnets and mono block propeller. LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION Olivtech 800's engine consumes less energy than conventional engines. This allows you to work longer with a full Battery. LONG LIFE The engine of Olivtech 800 are Brushless and external rotary engines. This means that their service life is theoretically unlimited. LIGHT It is a high power electric motor that takes advantage of its ideal weight and dimensions and takes up little space.

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Electric Olive Shaking Machine in Turkey

Electric Olive Shaking Machine

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