Electronic Lp Gas Cannon (dbs-e)

  1. Electronic Lp Gas Cannon (dbs-e) in Turkey
  2. Electronic Lp Gas Cannon (dbs-e) in Turkey

*Operates with a small or big propane or butane LP Gas bottle. *3720 shots with 2 kg LPG tube *22320 shots with 12 kg LPG tube *4000 m2 protection area. *Digital time adjust between 2 and 30 min. *120 dB noise level. *Operates without recoil. *Random and repeat shots. *Operates at rainy and moist weathers. *Portable sealed type battery and battery charger. *Adjustable start & end time. *Shots counter. *Battery indicator.

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Electronic Lp Gas Cannon (dbs-e) in Turkey

Electronic Lp Gas Cannon (dbs-e)

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