Aquhua Flexibl Veterinary Video Endoscopy Device

  1. Aquhua Flexibl Veterinary Video Endoscopy Device in Turkey

AOHUA FLEXIBL VETERINARY VIDEO ENDOSCOPY DEVICE PERFECT OPTICAL SYSTEM: Hd image Excellent image quality with 440 k pixel high resolution ccd camera Detailed and perfect image quality with wide field vision technology High control over the area displayed with wide mobility 5-100 mm deep viewing range with perfect image in close and distant areas PORTABLE SYSTEM Easy to use during inspection, can be connected to the LCD screen Easy to carry and use with the special trolley WIDE WORKING CHANNEL 25% of the working end of the endoscope diameter INTEGRATED DESIGN A system designed for diagnosis and treatment technology HIGH QUALITY IMAGING SYSTEM FOR DIAGNOSIS Lg200 video proccessor and sony medical monitor Aohua endoscopy systems with different models of dog, cat, cattle, sheep, horse and fish etc. can be used in animals. Gastrointestinal foreign bodies, gastric ulcer, trichuris etc. tens of cases can be easily diagnosed and followed. Aohua provides reliable support to physicians who want a real-time video restoration, high brightness, high contrast ratio, wide field image and minimally invasive effect. The full range of video input and output interfaces that are fully compatible with the requirements of all branches in the endoscopy rooms and full compatibility with the OR installation. With its long and slim design, Aohua multi-purpose veterinary endoscopes are ideal for a large number of small animal applications. In dogs and cats, oesophagogastroduodenoscopy and colonoscopy, tracheobronchoscopy can be performed in large and medium sized dogs. Single system for all endoscopes: Video flexible endoscopes, video rigid endoscopes, fiber endoscopes VET-OR1000, VET-OR1000M, VET-OR1000-Li, VET-OR1000RLi, VET-OR1000R, VET-OR1000MR monitor, compatible with OTV etc. Wide range of video processor models Integrated display system for clear viewing from every angle Space saving design for operating theaters Hosting all needs in a single design for advanced veterinary examinations Compliance with all series of surgical equipment Endoscopy Surgical Medical Monitor: 19 ", 1280x1024 resolution, 1.07 billion color support, 0.294mm pixel size, 600: 1 contrast ratio, 600cd / m2 brightness, high density and durability metal case, DVI-D, VGA, CVBS, S -VIDEO, Ypbpr, RGBS inputs Endoscopic Accessories: Biopsy forceps, stone decal basket, snare, cleaning brush Standard Accessories Supplied with Endoscopy: Biopsy forceps, cleaning brush, leakage test, leakage cap, water bottle, manual injector, biopsy cap, cleaning kits

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  • Authorized Person: Murat GÜÇ
  • Product Code: EndoscopyDevice-001

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Aquhua Flexibl Veterinary Video Endoscopy Device in Turkey

Aquhua Flexibl Veterinary Video Endoscopy Device

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