Farm Insulation

  1. Farm Insulation in Turkey

The biggest problem in barns can be eliminated with the application of spray polyurethane foam. Animals must have environments suitable for their body temperatures. Significant decreases can be observed in the productivity of animals that get cold in winter and sweat in summer. Suitable conditions for temperature, humidity and air circulation are required. It is possible for these facilities to reach the required ambient conditions with thermal insulation. Spray polyurethane foam application depends on the reverse surface of farms under athermit, sheet metal and trapezoidal roofs. helps to elongate. It offers a living space with animals inside, as it maintains the temperature at ambient temperature to select. It was determined in the research of veterinarians that 30% more efficiency was obtained in meat and dairy products. Protecting the air inside and not being affected by external conditions is only possible with a good thermal insulation application. Bonding with 100% adherence and never leaving itself again

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Farm Insulation in Turkey

Farm Insulation

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