Farmtrac 45

  1. Farmtrac 45 in Turkey
  2. Farmtrac 45 in Turkey
  3. Farmtrac 45 in Turkey

Model: FARMTRAC (EURO II) Type: 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled Displacement (cc) and number of cylinders: 2868 / 3 Max. power (hp/kW): 42 Hp Speed at max. power (r.p.m.): 2000 Cooling: Water-cooled Exhaust: Muffler, vertical exhaust pipe Air filter: Safety cartridge, dry Max. torque (Nm): 175 Speed at max. torque (r.p.m.): 1200 Fuel tank capacity (liter): 50

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  • Authorized Person: Estrak
  • Product Code: FarmTrac45-001

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Farmtrac 45 in Turkey

Farmtrac 45

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