Feed Mixing Machine

  1. Feed Mixing Machine in Turkey
  2. Feed Mixing Machine in Turkey

Feed Mixing Machine was presented to the service of our farmers with a grant of 50%. In the Proken Agricultural Machinery Industry, you can reach the models of all the feed mix and distribution machines with horizontal double screw, horizontal single screw and vertical bucket feed mixer with high quality and reasonable prices. Special Design with Reducer • It is connected to the tractor by the towing system. • Takes the movement from the tractor tail shaft. • Hydraulic systems in the feed mixer machine provide a comfortable use by the ergonomic control arms extending up to the user. • Feed mixer is produced in order to ensure a homogeneous mixture of different feeds and to distribute this mixture equally to animals. Thanks to this machine, feed utilization coefficients of animals are maximized. • Feed feed prepared with feed mixer is easier to digest. • A significant increase in the meat and milk yield of animals is achieved. • Feed (ration) prepared with feed mixer is more homogenous than the feeds which are fed by hand, this homogeneity allows the animals to eat more feed. • Meat consuming feed prepared by Proken feed mix machine will consume feed at the same rate and with the same homogeneity. • Proken feed mixer fills fiber feed by chopper blades. It provides homogeneity by mixing the fiber feeds which are shredded with the other feed materials. In this way; fiber feeds are prevented from being digested without digestion. Feature | Machine ECO-R4 Width 1544 mm Length 3966 mm Height 2434 mm Body Volume 4 m ³ Empty Weight Back Cover Type Hydrolic Bucket Spiral System Horizontal double helix Motion System Reducer Motion Source Traktor Tail National Spindle Speed 540 rpm Weighing System Digital (Optional) Hydraulic Pressure Supply Tractor Mixture Homogeneity % 90 / 15 min Oil Pump Power Supply Planetary Gearbox Drive Power (min) 40 hp Number of Motion Input Shafts Single Wheel 10.080 / 12 Tractor Separator Foot Hydrolic Jack Drain Cover Single from the right Body Ground Sheet Thickness 7 mm Spiral Sheet Steel Thickness 10 mm Number of Chopper Knife over Screw 52 piece NOTE: Optionally; Equipment such as the double-sided discharge cap and digital scale, hydraulic grab can be added to the standard package.

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Feed Mixing Machine in Turkey

Feed Mixing Machine

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