Feeder Mixer Vagon

  1. Feeder Mixer Vagon in Turkey
  2. Feeder Mixer Vagon in Turkey

AGROTURK Feed Mixer is an ideal solution for live stock farms. The simple, durable and light weight construction of the machine makes it the best equipment for small dairy and cattle farms. The design of the vertical auger equipped with special designed cutting knives cut the round and square bales at a short time and creates a homogeneous ratio mixed with other feed and additives. There are no dead spots because of the design of the auger and bucket, so it is more hygienic when compared to other mixers on the market. Also there is no feed left in the bucket after unloading. This special design implement with a durable gearbox, makes a long life time and less power needed as compared to the horizontal feed mixer. The feeds can be weighed and rations can be prepared effectively with the optional electronic weighing system.

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  • Authorized Person: Ahmet Kesek
  • Product Code: FeederMixerVagon-002

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Feeder Mixer Vagon in Turkey

Feeder Mixer Vagon

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