FEMA 100 Packaging Machine

  1. FEMA 100 Packaging Machine in Turkey
  2. FEMA 100 Packaging Machine in Turkey

ADJUSTABLE KG CAPACITY You can easily set the desired kilogram 25-50 kg on the Touch Screen. PLC AUTOMATION CONRTOL SYSTEM It allows you be to the master of machine.Vacuuming, pressing, gluing, conveyor speeds etc by entering desired values. It allows you to easily intervene systems. UZAKTAN ERİŞİM Remote access has been added to the machines in order to be able to intervene quickly and easily during automatical failures. VAKUMLAMA SİSTEMİ The crop to be packed must be vacuumed so that air can not enter into the package in order to be kept for 12 months. Maintain the freshness of the crop in the package thanks to the vacuum system. FEED SYSTEM It is your control to speed up and slow down the crop according to the specific weight of the crop, controlled by PLC and drivers. FAILURE REGISTRATION SYSTEM Automatically the malfunction registration will be notified to the touch screen during mechanical electronic malfunctions that may occur on the machine. In this respect, the technical service will be able to produce an easy and quick solution COUNTER SYSTEM It is possible to control the number of crops packed daily by the operator. The secret counter can also be controlled with the machine specefic password. MOBILE SYSTEM It is a system we have developed to facilitate the transport of the machine in difficult terrain conditions.With the arrow you can move anywhere you want. SCALE SYSTEM The scale system is used to increase the machine’s hourly capacity. The crate is ready to be stored in the pan, and the bag is unbelievably filled.

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FEMA 100 Packaging Machine in Turkey

FEMA 100 Packaging Machine

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