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Plant nutrition Plants take the elements necessary for their growth, development and vital activities from the air and their environment. The absolute essential element for plants is 16. 6 elements may be necessary for some plants or some processes. Of these elements carbon (C) air, hydrogen (H) water and a little air, oxygen (O) air and water, nitrogen (N) and all other elements are from the soil. with fertilizer absent required elements Macro elements Micro elements Only sometimes or some necessary for plants elements C (Carbon) H (Hydrogen) O (Oxygen) N (Nitrogen) P (Phosphorus) K (Potassium) S (Sulfur) Ca (Calcium) Mg (Magnesium) Fe (Iron) Zn (Zinc) Mn (Manganese) Cu (Copper) B (Bor) Cl (Chlorine) Mo (Molybdenum) Al (Aluminum) Co (Cobalt) Na (Sodium) Si (Silicon) Ni (Nickel) Elemental Forms of Purchase Mobility Antagonism Synergism Nitrogen (N) NH4 + NO3 NH2 Mobile K, Cu, B Mg, S, O It is necessary for many vital activities. New cell formation is necessary for the continuation of cellular activities. It is necessary for normal root and trunk development. Protein, chlorophyll, nucleic acid and amino acids are found in the structure. Phosphorus (P) H2PO4 HPO4- Mobile K, Ca, Zn, Cu, Fe N In the storage and transport of energy, sugar, starch, such as the transport, storage of many proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids and metabolic substances are found in the structure. Flower, fruit, root formation, cell formation and division is effective. Potassium (K) K + Mobile Mg, B, Ca Mn, Fe It is effective in the formation and transport of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Osmotic pressure provides water balance. It is effective on quality in plants. It is effective in photosynthesis and respiration. Calcium (Ca) Ca + 2 Immobile P, K, Mg, Zn, Mn, B, Fe It is found in the intercellular lamellar cells and determines the permeability of the cell membrane and is effective in cell elongation and division. Magnesium (Mg) Mg + 2 Mobil K P, S Chlorophyll is the central atom. It is very important for photosynthesis. It is effective in phosphorus mechanism and nucleoprotein formation. Sulfur (S) SO4-2 SO3 N Mobile It is found in the structure of amino acids which are necessary for protein production. It is related to the synthesis of vitamins, enzymes and some hormones. Boron (B) H3BO3- Immobile It is effective in the formation and transport of sugar and carbohydrates. Calcium is effective in transport and placement. Promotes hormone formation. It is effective in cell division. Iron (Fe) Fe + 2 Immobile P, Mn, Ni It is absolutely necessary for the synthesis of chlorophyll. Acts as enzyme and coenzyme. It's important for breathing. It is necessary for the electron transfer of enzymes. Manganese (Mn) Mn + 2 Immobile Zn, Fe Helps the formation of chlorophyll. It is a catalyst in some physiological events. Enables activation of some enzymes. It is required in some oxidation and reduction systems. Zinc (Zn) Zn + 2 Zn (OH) 2 Immobile Cu, Mn, Fe Required for chlorophyll formation. Carbohydrate transport and sugar is effective in the use. Structural element of auxin. Effective for water intake Copper (Cu) Cu + 2 Immobile Zn, Mn, Fe Required for chlorophyll formation. Regulates CO2 uptake. Effective in photosynthesis. It is a catalyst for breathing. It is found in the structure of many enzymes. It is important for protein production. It is involved in the formation of the cell wall. Molybdenum (Mo) MoO4-2 Mobile Ca, Fe, Cu, B N It allows nitrogen to fuse and to reduce nitrate to ammonia. It is found in the structure of some enzymes and is effective in phosphorus metabolism. Chlorine (Cl) Cl- Mobile It is important for photosynthesis. It is effective in carbohydrate metabolism. It is effective in the activation of enzymes. The plant has an effect on the water balance. Nickel (Ni) Ni + 2 Mobile Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn It is important for the activity of some enzymes.

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Fertilizers in Turkey


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