NeuBase®Granular Fertilizer

  1. NeuBase®Granular Fertilizer in Turkey

Slow Release Granular Fertilizer / Compound Fertilizers The base range of granular fertilizers cover most crrop requirements and provides high plant food power and greater nutrient value. All NeuBase fertilizers contain natural trace elements to enchance plant vigour and flower colour Formulation avaliable 15-15-15+TE 5-5-20-10CaO+TE 14-7-17+TE 12-12-17+TE 10-25-5-10CaO+TE 12-8-20+TE 17-17-17+TE 11-29-11-11SO3+TE 21-10 SO3+TE 5-5-5-5 CaO+5MgO 13-17-10+TE 3-28-10 SO3+TE Package: 25 -50-1000 Kg

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  • Authorized Person: Asli Güven
  • Product Code: Fertilizer-001

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NeuBase®Granular Fertilizer in Turkey

NeuBase®Granular Fertilizer

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