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The Ferbio is not same with the barnyard manure. The animal manures are left for maturation after being extracted from the farms by piling up. Since it is not possible to mix adequately thus insufficient ventilation is made, the temperatures inside the piles reach to very high degrees’ therefore destroying the useful nutrients and organic matter. The batches of foreign seeds of weed keep living at the edge of the pile which than leads to the foreign weed problem in fields where it is used. Ferbio, that is fermented in controlled conditions, is your most natural source of nutrients and the source of life for your soil which is odorless, free of pathogenic elements, pure and contains no foreign seeds of weed. For the first time in Turkey, the fertilizer, which the fermentation system is applied on, is maturated for 3 days at 65C and purged of harmful pathogenic elements as well as any foreign seeds of weed. Since it gets completely fermented, it releases no odor. After being out of fermentation process, Ferbio is mixed in order to decrease the moisture and gets ready to be packed. Ferbio, which acquired “Certificate of Registration” from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, provides you the opportunity to use all the advantages of a natural fertilizer in the production process safely due to its high levels of organic matter, its state of being free of pathogenic elements and foreign seeds of weed and its state of being pure. Ferbio is brought to you with laboratory controls, conducted in certain periods. STATEMENT of COMPANY The manufacturing company guaranties the quality of the bproduct when being used in compliance with the company recommendations. However, the defects that may occur due to the improper use or mixing is out of the scope of company warranty. The problems (toxicity, residue etc.) that may arise due to the improper use or improper storing conditions fell under the user’s responsibility. Conditions for Storing Please keep in its original packing under normal conditions. (at a cool and dry place) Do not expose the product to direct sunlight. Under normal conditions, the product retains its original physical and chemical properties for at least three (3) years. Warnings Keep away from children and food. Never exceed suitable doses and use only wherever necessary. During the fertilization, wear mask, gloves and goggles. Do not use the used, empty packages for other purposes and dispose of them. Commitment of the Company We undertake that the content of the product shall match with the information, given its label and with the values, indicated in the certificate of registration. We accept to undergo any legal action against us within the scope of the code 4703 in case otherwise is proven.

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Ferbio Organic Fertilizer in Turkey

Ferbio Organic Fertilizer

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