Haspınar Gold Fertilizer

  1. Haspınar Gold Fertilizer in Turkey

NK FERTİLİZER COLLATED Prevents cracking and deterioration, protects against corrosion.   Helps pollen dust germinate on the tooth.   It activates the color pigment and provides earliness.   Improves green color and fast growth on leaf.   Provides natural taste and searching in earliness and products.   It ensures that the fruits in the plants are natural color, original and bright.   Increases sugar content in plants.   Organizes sweating and breathing in plants.   It promotes cell division, protein and carbohydrate formation.   Increases the resistance of plants to stress.   Increases quality, yield and shelf life.   It ensures healthy growth of products in regular use

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  • Authorized Person: Haspinar Tarim
  • Product Code: Fertilizer-004

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Haspınar Gold Fertilizer in Turkey

Haspınar Gold Fertilizer

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