1. Fertilizer in Turkey

Vit-ORG is a liquid organic fertilizer, rich in organic matter, high carbon concentration, containing nitrogen and potassium in organic form. Vit-ORG makes the soil biologically active and increases the biological efficiency in the soil. It is very effective when applied from soil due to its organic matter. This stimulates the metabolism for the plant to overcome harsh environmental conditions. The high organic matter in its content increases the activity of microorganisms, ensures the absorption of nutrients and improves the physical properties of the soil. Vit-ORG contributes to reducing the acidity of stone fruit and other fruits and to shortening the ripening process. It is especially recommended for use in salty and alkaline soils due to its high amount of organic matter. Vit-ORG stimulates enzymatic activity and metabolism. This product differs from other products with its low molecular weight feature.

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Fertilizer in Turkey


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