Fertilizer Spreader - A 1000

  1. Fertilizer Spreader - A 1000 in Turkey

Double disc fertilizer spreaders manufactured as hanging type are manufactured according to the need between 650 liters and 1200 liters. Fertilizer spreaders can be controlled hydraulically and you can dispose of fertilizer separately by right and left side thanks to hydraulic valve. Thanks to the hydraulic control arm, fertilizer spreading is made very easily from the tractor cab at the beginning of the border and are closed rapidly to prevent unnecessary use of fertilizer. The fertilizer spreading working width of the machine varies between 10 and 24 m, you can adjust the working width depending on the disk and wing size. Fertilizer spreading distance may vary depending on the type of fertilizer. The bottom of the fertilizer tank is divided into two by an inverted V-shaped separator sheet and the flow of the fertilizer is ensured with the vertical mixer inside.

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Fertilizer Spreader - A 1000 in Turkey

Fertilizer Spreader - A 1000

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