Garden Fertilizer Distribution Trailer

  1. Garden Fertilizer Distribution Trailer in Turkey

GARDEN FERTILIZER DISTRIBUTION TRAILER Elibol Garden Fertilizer Machine provides the movement of the tractor with the tail shaft. The Elibol Garden Fertilizer Machine, which is connected to the tractor with its towing ring, transports the solid farm manure to the finger rotor system with the help of the chain conveyor. The manure taken from the feeding unit is discharged with the help of disc distributor running parallel to the land surface. The machine distributes solid farm manure in the fruit orchards and vineyards in a homogeneous manner. The machine also performs fertilization without entering into the field in small and rough terrain. Solid farm manure left on the land surface transmits the organic substances to the soil and increases the amount of plant nutrients in the soil.

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Garden Fertilizer Distribution Trailer in Turkey

Garden Fertilizer Distribution Trailer

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