Fertilizer Spreader Twin Disc

  1. Fertilizer Spreader Twin Disc in Turkey

Fertilizer spreader machines with double disc, manufactured as hanged (hydraulic) type, are connected to the tractor with tree-point suspension system. Spreader machines can be manufactured with hydraulic controller. Thanks to the hydraulic controller, at the beginning of the border, from the tractor cabin, fertilizers are easily and quickly spread and unnecessary fertilizer consumption is prevented. Spread rate of machine can reach to 18 and 36 meters, but depending on the type of fertilizer, the settings of angle and wing length on the disc must be changed. By this way, distribution of the fertilizer into the field is more homogeneously and fluidal.

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  • Product Code: FertilizerSpreader-001

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Fertilizer Spreader Twin Disc in Turkey

Fertilizer Spreader Twin Disc

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