Hanging Type Fertilizer Spreader

  1. Hanging Type Fertilizer Spreader in Turkey

A-850 Hanging Type Fertilizer Spreader The most handsome of the A Series family, Ideal for medium sized businesses, compact design, comfortable work, double hydraulic opening and closing system for high business success, Hydraulic control, provided as a standard, provides fertilizer consumption at the beginning of the borders, Perfect spreading process thanks to work widths up to 24 meters and easily adjustable wings, It will not tire you! 650 lt storage volume with wide filling mouth and low filling height, Openable sieve system with easy access and cleaning, More homogeneous mix thanks to specially designed and vertically positioned mixers, The best quality business partner for those who want fast and reliable spreading!

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Ahmet Kesek
  • Product Code: FertilizerSpreader-005

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Hanging Type Fertilizer Spreader in Turkey

Hanging Type Fertilizer Spreader

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