Gübreser Liquid Fertilizer Tanker

  1. Gübreser Liquid Fertilizer Tanker in Turkey
  2. Gübreser Liquid Fertilizer Tanker in Turkey
  3. Gübreser Liquid Fertilizer Tanker in Turkey
  4. Gübreser Liquid Fertilizer Tanker in Turkey

Gübreser Liquid Fertilizer Tankers can be used in the field without the need to separate the raw fertilizer accumulated in the pit. portable and homogeneously distributed. Various sizes of models from 3 tons up to 25 tons as required It is available. The fertilizer tank can be manufactured from dip galvanized or special polyester (CTP) material. The stone separator unit, the fertilizer shredder and the special fertilizer pump ensure that the solids are separated before they enter the tank. staple straw and bale rope materials such as rope is broken, crumbled. Do the following with the Gübreser Liquid Fertilizer Tanker possible: 1. The liquid manure can be filled from the pit to the tank. 2. Circulating the fertilizer pit above Mixable, liquefiable 3. Fertilizer pit is not more than 1km away from the tank It can be pumped directly to the land. 4. The fertilizer that is taken into the tank can be mixed when it travels, 5. Fertilizer in the tank can be sprayed into the field at high pressure, 6. or 12mm special distribution arms to the bottom of the plant can be injected homogeneously. 7. 20-25cm length of corn between the furrows without damaging, fertilization can be done. With fertilization in the interim period increases the yield of the crop several times more. Completely different from old-type manure tankers with vacuum pump as the latest technology used in Europe and America are manufactured in line. In this way, vacuum pump More than 10-15% fertilizer per tank Transported.

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Gübreser Liquid Fertilizer Tanker in Turkey

Gübreser Liquid Fertilizer Tanker

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