12 m³ Solid Fertilizer Spreader Trailer

  1. 12 m³ Solid Fertilizer Spreader Trailer in Turkey

It manages to distribute animal manure consisting of all kinds of animal feces in the land in regular and desired amounts. It also ensures the improvement of the land of the land. Minimizes the need for chemical fertilizers to minimum levels. If used on a regular basis, the insect ends the function of making larvae. Soil quality reaches the highest levels. It prevents animal feces from creating environmental pollution. It prevents human, animal, and plants from being damaged by the smell of manure. Increases the plant yield of the land to the highest level. Supports organic production.

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  • Authorized Person: Gökhan Ayhan
  • Product Code: FertilizingMachine-004

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12 m³ Solid Fertilizer Spreader Trailer in Turkey

12 m³ Solid Fertilizer Spreader Trailer

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