Fh2 Fertilizer

  1. Fh2 Fertilizer in Turkey
  2. Fh2 Fertilizer in Turkey
  3. Fh2 Fertilizer in Turkey

This manured hoe and filling machine, whick manufactured by our firm, is us efor the purpose of giving manure to the lowest Part and filling the lowest parts of the plants which are sowed and planted. The amount of the manure can be regulated between 20 kg/da to 150 kg/da as for as it is suitable for the purpose of the machine. Power take of (P.T.O) (Optional Wheel Movement) Professional equipment for high yield work from Demsan. Demsan fertilizer system which has wide fertilizer unit capacity is mounted on a stable frame and based on the reliable 2 and 4 row fertilizer unit.The outlets which made of special polyamide manure gear system (Swallow) prevents stuck due to rust and enables successful fertilizing. This system can help to reduce fertilizer rates by precisely where it is needed by the crop.Ensure that the fertilizer is transported to the large inlets evenly and without blockages. It takes movement from the pto shaft and through robust gear box operates properly. The hole hopper cover is available into the manure unit for not to stick manure and simple fertilizing. Adjustable both sides wheels provide balance the machine in the land. The result is impressive and high quality potatoes.

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Fh2 Fertilizer in Turkey

Fh2 Fertilizer

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